It's a Wonderful Time of Year

Posted Dec 4th, 2015 in General

It's a Wonderful Time of Year

Join us for our weekly pub feature to give yourself a break from all that Christmas Shopping

Stopping in to Iggy's is always a great time, relaxing and .... always interesting. Which beer should you try next. With 25 craft beers on tap, constantly changing -- there is always a new 'flavour' waiting to be tried. 

Our new menu has been out for awhile now to rave reviews. Sports enthusiasts are in daily, a few Christmas parties here and there are taking place.  So much going on... 

So why not stop in - we're always happy to see you! 

What they're saying about us . . .


  • Great selection of local beers. Service was good, I think they were unexpectedly busy but our server still took time to help us select beer and make recommendations from the menu. The food was great - particularly the fries and burgers. I'll be back again.

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