Now Pouring @GardenBrewers PiperAle

Posted Sep 8th, 2014 in Craft Beers On Tap

Now Pouring @GardenBrewers PiperAle

Now pouring @GardenBrewers Piperales, A black pepper smoked amber ale!

About Garden Brewers:

Garden Brewers make bold yet balanced brews. Rooted in Hamilton, the "Ambitious Brewery” produces ambitious brews with ambitious plans. Their recipes draw inspiration from the rich and wonderful natural world, both in their brewing- and in their choices.

About PiperAles:

A smoked ale infused with crushed black peppercorns, this beer is full of familiar flavours- and unexpected pleasures. By choosing such a bold brew as our first and flagship beer we hope to send a strong message about the sort of brewing that you can expect from us! Piperales is based upon an award-winning homebrew recipe that our brewer has developed over many repeated batches and has tweaked to a high degree of polish. Many smoked beers tend to be on the aggressive side, with a palate-destroying level of smokiness that puts them firmly in the realm of novelty brews- but Piperales- while extremely dramatic and unique, remains balanced! We hope you will enjoy this deeply complex, yet remarkably sessionable beer, as much as we do at home!

The next brew we will release will be an IPA- but no ordinary IPA! Our IPA is spiced with Ginger, and absolutely wonderful! Some IPAs add novelty ingredients that have negligible flavour impact- not so for our Ginger IPA. You can expect true ginger character and heat, working in tandem with bold hop character and bitterness! This brew is based upon a recipe our brewer has created for sale at celebrated Hamilton craft beer bar; The Ship. The launch of The Ships Rations at The Ship over a year ago has been a great success in all regards except for availability! For Garden Brewers, this wonderfully bitter and spicy brew has evolved into Green-Thumb IPA and will enjoy both a more frequent, and wider, availability!

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  • Great selection of local beers. Service was good, I think they were unexpectedly busy but our server still took time to help us select beer and make recommendations from the menu. The food was great - particularly the fries and burgers. I'll be back again.

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