So what is craft beer?

Posted Aug 5th, 2014 in General

So what is craft beer?

Craft beer - just what is it? 

When small breweries first started making an appearance in the 70s, the term used at the time was 'micro-brewery'. As all things evolve, the Brewer's Association defined craft beer as produced by a brewery that is small, independent and traditional. 

While we are sure, you could care less about exact definition of small and independent is, the 'craft' aspect will be of interest. This is where the brew master can add their unique flavour and flare to their recipe - making for an enjoyable taste experience and giving you the opportunity to try them all. 

At Iggy's Pub and Grub, we take pride in our 24 beers on tap - craft beers for every taste and every pairing opportunity for your next meal or snack when visiting our unique Fonthill bar!

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  • I always enjoy meeting clients at Iggy's - great atmosphere and offerings!
    - Debi K., Niagara Falls

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